-- Me --
Real Name: Jessica
Alias: Vyvika/Vy
Info Behind Alias: It was the name of a character of mine. Back when I first joined the PC there seemed to be a lot of Jessica/Jess/Jesse pet site owners. Some were pretty famous so to prevent confusion and what not I just used an alias. I really don't care what anyone calls me now. lol
Date of Birth: October 10th, 1989
Location: Connecticut, USA
Occupation: College Student
Year joined the PC: 1999
How I Found the PC: My first internet obsession was cyber pets and to have cyber pets you have a place to put them so I began to dabble in shitty web design. At this time I was known as Vixen, because I liked foxes and my favorite letter is V. Some people who ran cyber pet web sites also owned petz sites, so one Christmas I got Petz. Just like everyone else my interest comes and goes or real life gets in the way. I also played World of Warcraft heavily for a year and a half, thus everything else on the computer collected dust. I think petz is a much healthier addiction and I'd like to learn more about web design.
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-- Fanlistings --

-- Art! --
My lovely boyfriend and his family got me lots of art supplies for Christmas and thus I must use them! I don't have a scanner so you must endure pictures of my pictures. I sketch, paint, & have dabbled in photography. I don't have a great camera so the latter of which I don't take seriously. Any digital art is done by mouse because I have yet to get a tablet.

A Mother's Love
Info: Done in pencil, 9 by 12 inches, given to my mom for Christmas. I used a reference picture that I found off google.

Friendship - Exploration - Parenthood - Love
Info: All four were done in acrylics and are 6 by 6 inches. They each have a theme from life. My camera sucks and thus they are all a bit on the blurry side. I tried to make them clearer, but hopefully you get the gist even if the detail is hard to see. For example the white thing on the ground in the first one is a rat, but it's really hard to see. 100 times better in real life, I swear!

Dragon WIP - A Teddy Bear! - Siamese Kitten
Info: Random bits of digital art, done with a mouse in MS Paint & the dragon in Paint Shop Pro 7.